Technical Details

Fittings of the rooms

  • Suspended mineral fiber ceilings, integrated ceiling lights
  • Soundproofed plasterboard walls, plaster and paint/wallpaper
  • Carpet (in offices up to 50 sqm)
  • Air condition and sprinkler systems
  • Power sockets 
  • Telephone, fax, and internet connections

Fittings in the corridors

  • Suspended mineral fiber ceilings with integrated ceiling lights
  • Plastered and painted walls
  • Durable PVC flooring
  • Emergency lighting

Floor load and clearance height

  • Lower level (basement) at 5 KN/sqm
  • Ground floor (1st floor) at 20 KN/sqm
  • 2nd floor at 10 KN/sqm
  • 3rd floor at 10 KN/sqm
  • 4th floor at 7.5 KN/sqm
  • 5th floor at 5 KN/sqm

The ground floor (1st floor) is an ideal place for warehousing and can be used as a show room due the floor’s higher weight capacity.  The ceiling height of the ground floor measures 4.4 m, whereas the other floors range in between 2.7 – 2.8 m.

Air conditioning

The building is equipped with a water-cooled air conditioning system which is controlled by a central building monitoring system. All leasable units are air conditioned.

Lifts (elevators)

  • 4 passenger lifts (capacity 850 kg/12 persons)
  • 2 freight elevators (capacity 6,000 kg) with truck/lorry loading zones

Security and fire protection features

  • Trained security staff
  • 24-hour video surveillance of the reception area, all corridors and stairways
  • Automatic fire warning and extinguishing system
  • Direct phone connection to the local Department of Civil Protection