Oechsler Asia Holdings Pte Ltd
Automotive Sector www.oechsler.com
Optek-Danulat Pte Ltd
Measuring and Control Technology www.optek.com
Piller Power Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Electrical, Engineering and Electronics www.piller.com
Pitzek GMP Consulting
Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Medical https://pitzek-consulting.de/index.php/en
Raffles (International) Executive Search Pte Ltd
Service Industry www.raffles-search.com
Reifenhauser Private Ltd.
Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction www.reifenhauser.com
Automotive Sector www.repi.com.sg
Ritter Sport Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
Consumer Goods www.ritter-sport.com
OneVision Software (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd.
IT, Telecommunications and Media www.onevision.com
PAN Asia-Pet Animal Nutrition Pte Ltd
Consumer Goods
Piller SEA Pte. Ltd.
Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction www.piller.de
Others www.plansee.com
Rational Cooking Systems Pte Ltd
Consumer Goods www.rational-online.com
Reintjes Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Others www.reintjes-gears.de
Richard Wolf Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Medical www.richard-wolf.com
Royal GK Pte. Ltd.
Building Industry www.royalgk.com.sg
OnRobot Singapore Pte Ltd
Others www.onrobot.com
Pferd Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction www.pferd.com
Pilz South East Asia Pte Ltd
Electrical, Engineering and Electronics www.pilz.sg
Plasmatreat Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Automotive Sector www.plasmatreat.com
Reflex Winkelmann GmbH
Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction www.reflex.de
REMEX Minerals Singapore Pte Ltd
Others www.remex.de
RICMAS International Pte. Ltd.
Consumer Goods www.ricmas.com
Samas Management Consultants Pte Ltd
Service Industry www.samas.sg

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