Success Story.

Life Science Incubator.


German companies collaborated to set up an innovative, fully operational showcase and research lab at German Centre Sin­ga­pore.


Start-up and Grow with Life Science Incubator.

Life Science Incubator is a state-of-the-art co-working lab, existing to facilitate BioTech, MedTech and FoodTech companies to develop and grow in a reliable, agile, fully equipped laboratory. The concept fits perfectly into Sin­ga­pore’s business ecosystem, that focusses strongly on future-oriented industries.

Many companies have collaborated and contributed their expertise and equipment to create a flexible, fully fitted out and operational laboratory. Start-ups and established companies from many industries find an excellent environment for research and development.

Connect and Collaborate.

Broad network.

Life Science Incubator is the brainchild of German Centre Sin­ga­pore and Waldner Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of laboratory infrastructure. The two Managing Directors developed the idea together and  activated their networks.

Excellent Industries.

Made in Germany.

Life Science Incubator showcases a full suite of German excellence. Among the lab partners are Merck, Sigma Aldrich, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf, Carl Zeiss and Liebherr, Richard Wolff, Plasma­treat, Erbe Medizintechnik, EMCLAB and Viessmann.

Open to everyone.

Sharing Economy.

The lab is a living show­room for equipment & service partners. Companies seeking exposure to a cohort of diverse and dynamic start-ups, find the perfect platform to showcase, to test, to train and to sell.

The collaboration for German businesses culminated in the creation of an excellent lab and show­room for startups and established companies.


For Users.

  • Flexibility and low investment risk: on demand use of facilities
  • Comprehensive product testing
  • Participation in LSI events, expansion of network and collaboration opportunities
  • Professional management by Life science Incubator (lab) and German Centre Sin­ga­pore (office, meeting rooms, facilities)


For Partners.

  • Permanent exhibition in a thriving lab, products demonstrations and validations
  • Organic customer acquisition and sales pipeline building Indirect sales and market testing, consumer feedback and experience
  • Take the first step into a new market without the need of being physically present
  • Access to the local ecosystem, excellent venue for sales and customer events

German Centres Worldwide.

Nourishing Ground for Innovative Ideas.

Discussing market opportunities and brainstorming ideas is part of the daily routine for the German Centre team. As a business facilitator, our model is based on building and maintaining strong relationships not only with our clients, mostly small and medium-sized companies from the DACH region, but also with our affiliates and other key players in focused industries.

The result is a constantly growing network of enterprises, business associations, research organisations, governmental departments, public bodies and other partners. This ecosystem is the main reason why more than 2,500 companies so far have chosen a German Centre as their base abroad. The German Centres Worldwide facilitate, connect and provide a broad range of rentable offices, exhibition spaces, event facilities and meeting rooms. All buildings and offices are suitably equipped, well maintained and located in repre­sen­tative areas in China, Mexico, Russia and Sin­ga­pore.


We match. You grow.

The German Centres Worldwide serve as your one-stop business hubs to work and thrive in foreign countries.

We match. You grow. You are at the perfect place for your products and services made in Germany.

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