Reintjes Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Read about our 25 year tenants on their take of the German Centre Sin­ga­pore.

Congratulations on being our valued customer for almost 25 years! As we, the German Centre Sin­ga­pore are turning 25 years, we want to say DANKESCHÖN – a big THANK YOU!

Could you please tell us more about your company - what kind of products, services or solutions do you offer as well as the type of customers you serve?

REINTJES is a leading provider of propulsion power train solution manufacturer of marine gearboxes for four stroke engine vessel worldwide. Founded in 1879 and headquartered in Hameln, Germany.

Our major customers are commercial vessels and governmental vessels whom we serve globally, such as The Navy, Police Coast Guards, as well as Civil Defence Force, etc.

During these 25 years, why was it important for your company to have a ‘footprint’ in Sin­ga­pore and why do you choose the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

Sin­ga­pore is the regional hub in Asia where majority of our customers are found. Sin­ga­pore offers a very highly skilled and cosmopolitan labour force. Its location is geographically ideal for our target markets, enabling us to react and reach our customers within the shortest time possible. Being a German company, the German Centre (GC) serves as a great place for communication and networking for REINTJES.

Your company has been in the German Centre for 25 years, what are some of the advantages of being in the building?

We are always very appreciative towards the staff at the German Centre Sin­ga­pore who are always ready to extend us a helping hand and offer quick and viable solutions on very short notice.

The environment and toilets are always in tip top condition and very clean. I would also like to give a mention to the 24-hour round the clock security service provided by the group of friendly security guards. They have definitely left a very deep impression on our company!

I would also like to give praise to the German Centre Sin­ga­pore Team and the security guards who have been putting in many hours of sacrifice and effort to handle the COVID-19 pandemic over the last six months! The Team set up effective and efficient protocols giving very prompt and clear communications to all tenants.

Being a long serving tenant, what does your company look forward to on your future landlord-tenant relationship with the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

We would like to continue to look forward to the consistent continuation of excellent management of the pleasant and friendly team, the well-managed security and the cleanliness in the surrounding and the toilets.

What advice would you give to other companies who would like to set up their business in the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

The German Centre Sin­ga­pore offers a perfect location where the transportation is very convenient and is well located for new start-ups and newly set up repre­sen­tative offices. With the flexibility of office spaces offered at the German Centre Sin­ga­pore, you can start with a shared office space and later on expand to a larger office in the same building when the need arises.

Lastly, what is the best experience / memory you have of the German Centre during these 25 years?

Having to travel frequently, it is very important for me to know that my colleagues and staff have a good working environment, and a hassle-free and efficient setup at work in so that I can travel overseas with that peace of mind. To know that there is a great team of friendly security personnel to look after the place and a great team of dedicated staff from the management of the German Centre to rely on is reassuring! A BIG THANK YOU to YOU ALL!

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