Klüber Lubrication (SEA) Pte Ltd

Read about our 25 year tenants on their take of the German Centre Sin­ga­pore.

Congratulations on being our valued customer for almost 25 years! As we, the German Centre Sin­ga­pore are turning 25 years, we want to say DANKESCHÖN – a big THANK YOU!

Could you tell us more about your company, what kind of products, services or solutions do you offer as well as the type of customers you serve?

Klüber Lubrication offers expert tribological solutions by supplying approximately 2,000 tailor made specialty lubricants directly to customers in almost all types of industries and regional markets. With competent and customer-oriented consulting and a wide range of services, our employees have established the excellent reputation of Klüber Lubrication as a partner to industry and trade.

During these 25 years, why was it important for your company to have a ‘footprint’ in Sin­ga­pore and why do you choose the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

Sin­ga­pore is a regional hub connecting South East Asian countries with easy accessibility. It is natural for our team to take off and expand within the German Centre Sin­ga­pore given the German heritage of our business.

Your company has been in the German Centre for 25 years, what are some of the advantages of being in the building?

German Centre Sin­ga­pore keeps the premises well furnished through regular enhancement efforts. The building is equipped with a cafe, gym and seminar rooms etc on top of internet access, drinks/snacks vending machines and kitchenettes etc. The management team would also host gatherings from time to time to allow tenants to stay connected with one another. The team is also very reliant, from the tenant relations team to the maintenance and security crew. We are happy that the team works hard to cater to our requests around office expansion, parking and storage etc.

Being a long serving tenant, what does your company look forward to on your future landlord-tenant relationship with the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

As a long time tenant, Klüber Lubrication South East Asia looks forward to an even closer communication with the German Centre Sin­ga­pore that will allow us to improve business planning in the near future.

What advice would you give to other companies who would like to set up their business in the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

Be frank with your requirements and expect good service from the local German Centre team.

Lastly, what is the best experience / memory you have of the German Centre during these 25 years?

We are glad to cooperate with an organisation that shares our company values: German Centre Sin­ga­pore staff caters to our personal customer needs and always strives to be excellent in what they do. Thank you very much. We wish German Centre Sin­ga­pore another 25 successful years ahead.

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