Bansbach easylift Asia Pte Ltd

Read about our 25 year tenants on their take of the German Centre Sin­ga­pore.

Congratulations on being our valued customer for almost 25 years! As we, the German Centre Sin­ga­pore are turning 25 years, we want to say DANKESCHÖN – a big THANK YOU!

Could you please tell us more about your company - what kind of products, services or solutions do you offer as well as the type of customers you serve?

Bansbach easylift, founded in 1919 in Germany (100 years), is well-known worldwide for producing high-end, premium gas springs. The company specialises in the production of gas springs for special uses and sophisticated application areas, such as the aviation industry or for medical technology.

During these 25 years, why was it important for your company to have a ‘footprint’ in Sin­ga­pore and why do you choose the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

Bansbach easylift expanded to the Asian market in 1995 with Sin­ga­pore as the centre of operations in Asia, due to its strategic location and business friendly environment. Remarkably at that time, Baden-Württemberg opened the German Centre in Sin­ga­pore, whose aim was to facilitate the entry of medium-sized and family-run businesses, like Bansbach easylift, into the Asian market.

Your company has been in the German Centre for 25 years, what are some of the advantages of being in the building?

The German Centre has been a hotspot for quality German-made products. Being in the German Centre speaks volumes about the standard and quality of the gas springs that Bansbach easylift produces. We also enjoy the well-maintained and modern working space that the German Centre provides. 

Being a long serving tenant, what does your company look forward to on your future landlord-tenant relationship with the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

We continue to look forward to the strong support from the German Centre Sin­ga­pore and endeavor to have greater collaboration in new opportunities such as media advertising.

What advice would you give to other companies who would like to set up their business in the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

Bansbach easylift’s 25-year presence in the German Centre Sin­ga­pore is a testament to its conducive environment for business.

Lastly, what is the best experience / memory you have of the German Centre during these 25 years?

My experience with the German Centre is that it has been a reputable and well-maintained place. This always gives my clients or prospects a good impression and gives them confidence in our company whenever they visit us at the office.

Last but not least, we have attached a picture of Mr. Edgar Hahn-Bansbach (CEO Bansbach easylift, right), Mr. Erwin Teufel (Prime Minister Baden-Württemberg, centre), and Mr. Gerhard Schopf (Managing Director of Bansbach easylift, left) during the opening of the German Centre in 1995.

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