MedTech Innovation Days.

Programme Overview.

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Day 1

Wednesday, 26 June


Begin Exhibition and Conference Registration

Official Opening
9.30am  Exhibition Tour/Coffee
10.15am  The Rise of MedTech in Asia
Harjit Gill, CEO, Apacmed
Innovation of Healthcare - Going to Market - Part I
Organized by SGC #partnerforsuccess"
10.30amWelcome and Opening Remarks
Ms Margit Kunz, SGC Deputy General Manager

Emerging trends in Healthcare services
Anbu Srinivasan, Managing Director, Fresenius Medical Care Sin­ga­pore

10.50amUpgrade your skills
Moderated by Devagnana Manoranjan, Senior Principle Engineer Digital Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific
12pmLunch Break
1pmNavigating the Certification Process: A Telematics Story 
Josielyn Villafranca-Mendoza, Manager Quality Assurance System, PCI
10.50amA Journey to Quality
John Woo, Director of SG Endoscopy
10.50amDiscussion and Q&A
Moderated by Devagnana Manoranjan, Senior Principle Engineer Digital Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific



From the Visible Human to the Digital Twin
Dr Wolfgang Müller-Wittig, Fraunhofer Sin­ga­pore


A Fair with Messe Duesseldorf Asia
Rita Biswas, Director, Corporate PR & Promotioins


Coffee Break

  4pm Old and New Aspects of Electrosurgery
Markus D. Enderle MD PhD. Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH
  4.45pmTÜV SÜD Panel: Ensuring Trust in Smart Healthcare Services
Moderated by Steven Yeo, Innovating Care Asia Pacific
Panelists: Dr. Pang Boon Chuan, ToStart Pte Ltd; Ms Eley Querner, Vice President, Digital Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific; Mr. Goh Wee Hong, SVP-ASEAN, Product Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific; Dr. Gamaliel Tan, Dy Group CMIO, National University Health System  
  5:45pmEnd of Exhibition and Conference Day 1

Day 2

Thursday, 27 June

9.00amGet the Decisive Advantage
C.J. Konkara, Volume Graphics

Medical Device AOI - Automated Optical Inspection Systems
Pratheep Kumar, MA micro automation

10amCoffee Break

Evonik's R&D Setup in the South East Asia region
Dr Ronny Sondjaja, Evonik Asia Research Hub

11.00amAccelerate trusted and safe medical innovation to market
Ms Chua, Su Chen, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific
11.30pm  Wearable and Implantable m-Health IOT Device Design: THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE
Safal Sharma, CADFEM 
12.00pmLunch Break
1.00pmStretching the Possibilities
Mr. Liang Choon Yeo, CMI Central Midori International 
1.30pmContainer & Device Testing with focus on Syringes and Autoinjectors
Ms Connie Wong,  ZwickRoell
2pmNurse's Training: Expertise and basics of electrosurgery (ErBe) (Side Event)
Ganesh Lim Yanghzao, Erbe Sin­ga­pore
2pmZEISS Industrial Quality and Research in Medical Technology and Healthcare
Hendrie Viktor, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions
2.30pmLegal and tax framework for sales/business development staff
Dr Paul Weingarten, Rödl & Partner
3pmCoffee Break
3.30pmImplications of Digitization, Robotization and Cognition on Healthcare and Welfare
Prof. Dr. Matthias Haun, invenio Cognitive Tech­no­lo­gies
4pm SEAS Panel: Sustainable Laboratories Design, Technologie and Operations
Moderated by Yann Grynnberg, NUS
Panelists: Vincent Meyer, Siemens; Syam Kumar Prabhakaran, NUS; David Zsolt, Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner
5pmKey Trends of the Thriving Asia Pac Healthcare Ecosystem
Dario Heymann, Galen Growth Asia
5.30pmClosing Remarks and Health-For-All 2030
Chris Hardesty, KPMG
6pmEnd of the MedTech Innovation Days and Closing Party/B2B on the Rooftop

MedTech Innovation Days.


Speakers and Panelists of the event.


Harjit Gill.

Harjit Gill is CEO of Apacmed.


Josielyn Villafranca-Mendoza.

Josielyn Villafranca-Mendoza is Manager Quality Assurance System at PCI

Messe Düsseldorf Asia.

Rita Biswas.

Rita Biswas is Director Corporate PR & Promotions.

TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific.

Eley Querner.

Eley Querner is Vice President, Digital Service at TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific.


Dr. Ronny Sondjaja.

Dr Ronny Sondjaja is Director of Evonik Asia Research Hub.


Liang Choon Yeo.

Liang Choon Yeo is Deputy GM of CMI Central Midori International.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Haun.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Haun, Managing Director, invenio Cognitive Tech­no­lo­gies.

Fresenius Medical Care.

 Anbu Srinivasan.

 Anbu Srinivasan, Managing Director, Fresenius Medical Care Sin­ga­pore

SG Endoscopy

John Woo.

John Woo is Director of SG Endoscopy.

Erbe Elektromedizin.

Markus D. Enderle MD PhD.

Markus D. Enderle MD PhD. Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH
Vice President Research and Basic Tech­no­lo­gies, Vice President Medical and Clinical Affairs

Volume Graphics.

Christy Joseph Konkara.

Christy Joseph Konkara is Technical Sales Consultant at Volume Graphics.

TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific.

Chua, Su Chen.

Ms Chua, Su Chen is Assistant Vice President, Product Service with TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific.

Erbe Elektromedizin.

Ganesh Lim Yangzhao.

Ganesh Lim Yangzhao is Manager Marketing & Education with Erbe Sin­ga­pore.

Galen Growth.

Dario Heymann.

Dario Heymann, Chief Research Office, Galen Growth Asia.

TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific.

Devagnana Manoranjan.

Devagnana Manoranjan is Senior Principle Engineer Digital Service at TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific

Fraunhofer Sin­ga­pore.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller-Wittig.

Prof Dr. Ing Wolfgang Müller-Wittig is Director of Fraunhofer Sin­ga­pore.

Innovating Care Asia Pacific.

Steven Yeo.

Steven Yeo is Founder and CEO Innovating Care Asia Pacific and Digital Health Consultant.

MA micro automation.

Pratheep Kumar.

Pratheep Kumar is Regional Director S.E. Asia of MA micro automation.


Safal Sharma.

Safal Sharma is Application Expert at CADFEM.

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions.

Hendrie Viktor.

Hendrie Viktor is Regional Director, Southeast Asia at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions.


Chris Hardesty.

Chris Hardesty is Director of KPMG Sin­ga­pore Life Sciences.