Frech Asia Pte Ltd

Read about our 25 year tenants on their take of the German Centre Sin­ga­pore.

Congratulations on being our valued customer for 25 years! As we, the German Centre Sin­ga­pore are turning 25 years, we want to say DANKESCHÖN – a big THANK YOU!

Could you please tell us more about your company - what kind of products, services or solutions do you offer as well as the type of customers you serve?

Our passion lies in high-pressure die casting. Frech is a world-leading supplier of die casting technology. We offer tailor-made solutions for all kinds of High Pressure Die Casting manufacturers. It could be a small, thin walled parts for electronic equipment weighting only a few grams, to big, heavy automotive engine blocks. Our fully- or semi-automated die casting cells can be operated automatically or with minimal human interaction. A typical Frech customer would be an automotive tier one supplier or supplier to a consumer electronics OEM.

Frech also offers overhauls for our old, but still gold, die casting machines as well as customised training and engineering services. We have a global service network of professional and very skilled service technicians in Sin­ga­pore, being the HQ for South East Asia and Oceania. Frech is the only die casting machine manufacturer that, with its group companies, can fully complement the portfolio by offering melting and dosing solutions, spraying equipment, heating and cooling equipment, part extractors and design and manu­fac­tur­ing of dies.

During these 25 years, why was it important for your company to have a ‘footprint’ in Sin­ga­pore and why do you choose the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

Sin­ga­pore is an open and welcoming country in any aspect. Convenient to meet and travel in and out. Its frequent high rankings in the ease of doing business or the possibility to get the required people, locally or from abroad on board for the job is outstanding.

The German Centre is not just a welcoming office building. Its wide diversity of tenants who mainly support the manu­fac­tur­ing industry in the Asian Region make it an ideal place for information exchange and collaboration among its occupants.

Your company has been in the German Centre for 25 years, what are some of the advantages of being in the building?

Frequent industry events, seminars and support on other matters catered towards German and European companies are advantages that probably only the German Centre can offer.

Being a long serving tenant, what does your company look forward to regarding your future landlord-tenant relationship with the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

That it remains to be at the good level it is currently at. 

What advice would you give to other companies who would like to set up their business in the German Centre Sin­ga­pore?

The German Centre is the right place to be for small to medium sized businesses. It’s a great place to mingle and meet with other tenants, exchange information, or to go for a coffee or beer with.

Lastly, what is the best experience / memory you have of the German Centre during these 25 years?

The roof top parties and a few of the B2B Networking events.

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